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Battle Of The Bulges

Battle Of The Bulges
In Battle Of The Bulges, men who get drafted end up getting shafted! First, Captain Luiz Hanson inspects the troops being led by Sargent Luis Rodrigues and Sargent Ricardo Gomes. Private Jeff Peres makes a wisecrack whcih causes lattoo-covered Sargent Rodrigues to "punish" Jeff by topping him in the open grassy field. Next, Sargent Ricardo Gomes discovers Privates Beto Ribeiro and Alexander Senna on their duffs, so he orders them to do ten laps around the camp, giving them an eyeful of Sargent Luis topping Pritave Jeff in the nearby field. The sight inspires Alexandre to botton for Beto. Night arrives, and Capitan Luis Hanson gets de-pants'd when he gets debriefed and topped by Sargent Ricardo Gomes. Finally, boot camp ends and Privates Jonas Santoro, Henrique Carvalho and Rafael Nunes celebrate by conparing dick sizes, then Rafael tops Jonas who tops Henrique in a 3-way sandwich formation!
Duration: 84 minutes
Studio: Video 10

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