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Hooker Illustrated - Volume 6

Hooker Illustrated - Volume 6
CALL GIRL Respect comes to those with power, charm and big dicks. If you don't have any of those you can hire a sexy call girl to make your perverse dreams come true. THE STREETS OF LAS VEGAS Lady Luck is on your side and if you are really lucky she will be on your rock hard cock. Take a gamble on the hot and sexy streets of this city where fucking has been turned into a never-ending buffet. THE PROSTITUTE When you are with a "pro" you are always the man and you will never hear the word no. The sky is the limit and your cock can always find a nice tight asshole to cum in when you are picking up the bill. L.A. VICE When L.A. Vice busts you for hooking, what else is there to do but let the cops f*ck you in your ass. The Vice cops may just let you off with a warning, depending on how good you suck on their dicks.
Duration: 84 minutes
Director: Don Marque

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