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Fuckin With Dave Pounder

Fuckin With Dave Pounder
This movie is full of real, horny girls next door just waiting to get fucked! Crazy fun college sex that will make your girlfriend want to fuck you!Dave Pounder's roommates just won't stop fucking with him. First they try to cock block him when he picks up a hot girl at a local club, but the final strw is drawn when they try to seduce a girl he is trying to have a relationship with. He decides to get back at them by fucking his roommate's girlfriend and sister. Feeling regret for his actions, Dave attempts to visit his roommate at work to apologize for what he had just done, but ends up fucking one of the clients instead. Fucking with Dave Pounder is fun, college, reality-type sex that'll make your girlfriend want to fuck you!
Duration: 115 minutes
Director: Dave Pounder

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